Claims Management

Claims management is the management processes that require prevention or mitigation of construction claims and the expeditious handling when they do occur. For earliest settlement, it can be viewed from two perspectives: the party making the claim and the one defending against it. The endeavour here is an outline of approach to claims management to stimulate a careful approach to managing the contract, document preparation and expeditious handling of claims should they arise. Claims management processes overlap and relate to all four phases of a construction project.

Even the most thoroughly planned and developed projects can’t avoid the possibility of claims and disputes arising. Our claims management experts are here to ensure your challenges are handled with the utmost care, precision and expertise when it comes to all facets of investigating the cause and effects of delays, disruption events and other time related challenges.

We also place huge emphasis on producing accurate results that establish the underlying connection between the cause and effect for the events being claimed, and our detailed process ensures you’re provided with a contractual position and an independent assessment you can rely on.

Your construction claims are in good hands with our Director George Diab, a recognised expert in delay and disruption claims, and an expert witness to some of Australia’s largest disputes across the construction, engineering, infrastructure, energy and resources sectors. George is highly specialised in segregating and analysing complex delay and disruption events, so why not get in touch today to find out more about how we can ensure your project is equipped with the best tools and methods for overall success?

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