Project Planning & Programming

Planning and programming services from project inception to completion

Thorough project planning, together with ongoing, agile programming, is the backbone for success on any construction or infrastructure project.

Our team bring site-based construction, engineering and project management experience to the table to deliver clear and functional planning strategies and detailed programmes for your construction project.

We assist you through every stage of the project — from tender, construction, retrospective forensic as-built, and everything in between. At PC Analysis, we pride ourselves on delivering fully independent advice and skilled foresight to ensure a responsive programme is implemented, evolving with the project to adapt to risks, changes and challenges.

What we do

  • Comprehensive project planning and reporting.
  • As-built programmes and progress monitoring.
  • Programme analysis and progress reporting.
  • Project time management plans and programming reports.
  • Programme risk assessment and mitigation.
  • Shutdown planning.

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