Dispute Avoidance

Expert advice and support on construction claims and disputes across Australia.

More often than not, disputes are complex, convoluted and require expert assistance to successfully communicate and highlight key issues with the ultimate decision makers.

With a team highly experienced as expert witnesses, together with solid knowledge of commercial, planning and scheduling, project management and technical analysis, we cover all aspects of dispute management as a result of challenges that arise during your construction project.

However, preventing disputes from coming to a head in the first place is the key to a smooth-running project. Our dispute avoidance service aims to resolve challenges before they have the chance to escalate into formal dispute proceedings.

What we do

  • Pre-contract time management, clause and specification advice.
  • Extension of time (EOT) claims advice.
  • Delay, disruption, mitigation and acceleration claims analysis.
  • Acting as expert witness, testimony, supply of independent expert reports.
  • Contractual claims management.
  • Comprehensive dispute avoidance advice, evaluations and recommendations.
  • Intricate forensic analysis of project documents and evidence.
  • Independent contractual claims support and advice.

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